selfie“Art used to be something I did when times got weird. Now it’s something I do every day, if even for a few minutes, regardless of my mood, my ego, and my bullshit. I think that’s the only way to get really good at something.” – Joshua Beckler

Joshua Beckler is an artist and design professional living and creating in Savannah, GA. Beckler went to The Pennsylvania State University (2008) for a degree in Landscape Architecture. After working in the commercial world for 5 years and starting a business, he decided to make art a focused, full-time venture.

After spending years trying to master pen and ink drawing techniques, Beckler saw the work of David Choe and instantly became overtaken by the looseness, rawness, and realness of his graffiti work. Seemingly overnight, pen was replaced with spray paint can, ink was replaced with vivid colors, and his new style was born.

Beckler’s style is a mix of traditional, spray graffiti techniques, and modern drawing techniques, on surfaces appropriate for fine art and gallery display. Beckler’s work can be seen in galleries in Savannah, GA, on the social media of youtube sensations, and in bi-yearly solo shows.